Yard stuff

Other than the Solomon’s Seal, I’m not quite sure what these things are. One I THOUGHT was Valerian, but now I’m not so sure. The Yellow flowered one I thought perhaps erect cinquefoil but now I don’t think so…. either way, I love the things that pop up in my garden 🙂


  1. The first two photos “could” be valerian, but you’d need to wait until it flowers to know for sure.

    The next two photos are both large-leaved avens. It’s the one I showed you by the road. It gets tall stalks with yellow flowers at the top and then the flowers turn into sticky seed pods good for salves and perfumes due to the resin. It has a bunch of medicinal uses and is super easy to grow since it’s a weed. I have a huge one in my garden with four big stalks of flowers right now. It’s folkname is haresfoot and it was used by the local Natives mainly for birth and purification. As a momma this one’s well suited to you!

    The last pic of the red-veined leaf looks like a leaf of a dock, probably curled dock. It can be an ornamental or the root can be used for all kinds of medicinal applications. It’s also found in some ancient Egyptian kyphi recipes. It’s related to sorrel and the leaves are edible, but best cooked!

    My Solomon’s Seal is in the same phase – I’m waiting for the flowers to open!

  2. Wonderful, thanks! Avens! Yes, that was what I was thinking, I came across some images of them in my herb book, but then couldn’t find them again, but they do indeed look the same,the additional folk info is great to have too!
    As for the Valerian, it’s funny because in the images in my different herb books, the leaves look very different than the ones I have above, and those which you have provided a link for. I had always thought it WAS Valerian, but my books confused me. Your image was right on the mark though, that’s exactly what mine looks like when in bloom. (and VERY tall!)
    Looking at further images of Curled Dock, I would have to agree, the tall spike of flowers dark in nature are something that I recognize seeing as the summer progresses.
    You rock!!! 😀
    (Solomon’s Seal is quick to burst out of the ground once it’s ready, but those flowers take a long time to open!)

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