Write your own ‘Gospel’

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Write Your Own “Gospel”

Write your own “Gospel” and experience God’s love for us


Find time to listen to stories from your elders about your family and yourself. Ask and you will know. Overcome the fear of asking. They are just waiting for you to ask before they pour out so much data they know and that they want to share with you. You can interview them personally, by phone, or just by writing (email or letters). 
(Remember to keep all your original notes, even the scraps of paper that you use for recording these stories.)

2 WRITING THE STORY: Write down the accounts, and include the following topics

Genealogy (your family tree)
Life Story of your grandparents, your parents, yourself (birth, childhood, school age, significant events, present situation, etc). 
(Note well: do not throw away your first drafts and notes. These will be part of the compilation later.)


Significant events of your life: what were most memorable? 
What were your most joyful, sorrowful, glorious events? Narrate them as reliving them or as in telling a story. 
Include here your Love life, your vocation story, or traumatic experiences, frustrations, consolations, etc. You do not have to come up with a perfect paper, just start writing without worrying about your grammar or spelling. Just write. You may edit later. Do not throw away your first drafts, or the corrected versions. 


Once you have written your story, stop. After a few days, pick it up and read it in prayerful way and ask the following questions. 
Where is God in the various events of my story? 
How did He show (reveal) Himself to me?  What was it like? What did it make me feel? How did this affect me? What did He inspire me to do/be? 
What is His message for me?

5 Gather all the material in one folder for submission. The compilation should include

Notes and first drafts, including corrected materials. 
Final hard copy of the stories. 
You may paste pictures and diagrams if you wish.
Leave some blank pages at the end of this compilation for further remarks and reflection. 
Find an appropriate cover. Decorate it if you desire. It is your own Gospel. 

…be creative!

This actually looks pretty cool. I think I’m going to try it 🙂

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