1. This is all so interesting. I am reminded how long it’s been since I did any type of spiritual/ biblical/ scholarly study. I had forgotten how interesting it can be. Once I told my son I thought I would like to take some religious studies but I never did so. I would honestly like for my mother to read your post and get her take on it. Your perception of a “threeness” is similar to my own thoughts. I am not a religious person nor a student of various religions – there are just some things that strike me in a specific way. I often don’t voice what strikes me as a “truth” because I typically have nothing to back it up – only my belief. And in my way of thinking there are far more things I view as mysteries not meant to be known fully by all than there are truths. I have read some of these posts while at work. I knew they were entirely to deep for me to comment intelligently without further study – and certainly not on my phone! peace to you always

    • birch

      Oh phones and their autocorrect and tiny buttons! 🙂 I get frustrated sometimes by my studies. I tried to overlook it a lot, but some things just refuse to be ignored by me. I also think I am a little bit OCD, so if things don’t make sense or ‘fit’ I struggle with them to see if they can. But often its like trying to properly display three non symmetrical pictures in one space on one wall with different frames.
      I can like what Jesus taught – even though I know his teachings were not fully unique to the day and age. There was House of Hillel that was a school of Judaic teachings based on Rabbi Hillel’s ideas and Jesus seems very influenced by them. Christianity started off as Judaism for gentiles. Basically just Jewish teachers/rabbi’s teaching their ideas and really the Jewish folk then AND now have many many various ideas on what God is, what Torah is etc. There are the words of Torah and then there are the many books written to glean the understanding of those words. Jesus seems much like one of those people. Maybe it was because Paul argued against the necessary circumcision that this form of Judaism took off – and it eventually became called something else. Christianity, and of course started to take on theologies that the Church Fathers put into it.

      I think what bothers me the most is that Jesus was Jewish and wanted to teach his perception of Judaism, but his teachings got used later on to de-Jewish him, and to eventually even bring about the Holocaust. We have no actual written word of Jesus, just the 4 communities in the bible that had their own version of a gospel, and Paul who never met him. But the writers seemed to really want to separate themselves from the Jewishness in order to be more acceptable to gentiles and Romans. So by writing things that essentially said ‘the Jews killed Jesus’ when in reality it was the Romans, and they killed him simply for being a public nuisance, for turning over tables or for making an uproar, for basically the sorts of things people get in trouble for. However, those simple words inserted into the Gospels started a whole anti-semitic trend of calling the Jews (Jesus’ own people) Christ Killers. Starting in Germany they stripped him of everything Jewish, new artwork, rewriting of biblical literature. They even had a whole centre established in Berlin the Institute for the Study and Eradication of Jewish Influence on German Church Life – you can read more about that here. http://press.princeton.edu/chapters/i8820.html It’s quite astonishing. And, those negative efforts still bear fruit today, evident in anti semitism

      It just astonishes me that Christianity moved so far away from its origins. In fact, learning about all these things has led me to reinvestigate my Jewish ties. I was brought into the faith when I was six by my adoptive father. My mother had converted to Judaism but did not practice.

      Ultimately religion is a set of tools to find our way to God. God is bigger than any box we can fit it into, God has no label waiting to easily slap on. God is non denominational. Religion is simply a way for people with shared beliefs to come together and find their way home. For me, I feel God whenever the wind blows and makes the trees dance, or the wind chimes sing – hence ‘IntheWind’ 🙂 Sorry for the super long answer but I’m on my comp and had the luxury of actually typing fully also 😀

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