One of the first places I called home in Second Life was Lionheart. I moved in a few years back, and then proceeded to move here, and there, ultimately once again returning to Lionheart. I have a real life organization called the Divinaturist Fellowship, (link in my profile) and we decided to set up a virtual home for our org in Lionheart Vitani.  

Lionheart is a beautiful area to ‘live’ or ‘work’. The landscaping is lovely and professional, there are always other  people in the area to interact with. It’s a great place to have get our business or organization seen, as well as just a very nice place to set up your home. 

My graphics card in my laptop has been crashing quite a bit lately, so I haven’t been on SL much recently, but in the past few days have managed to get back on there.

Where am I in SL now?

Lionheart Vitani – Divinaturist Fellowship

Confederation of Democratic Simulators , Neufreistadt


and, of course,

The Wastelands – Malady Bog

I know many people claim that Second Life can ruin your marriage/home/life, but  I don’t really understand that. For myself, it’s a way to interact virtually (not much different than any social network system) a way to be creative, to build, to teach, to learn, and to have a nice little mini-vacation from time to time. I can spend multiple hours on it, and then leave it for days, I’ve never found the ‘addiction’ thing to come into play. 

I simply enjoy it for what it is, a virtual playground. 

Now, speaking of which, time to log in!

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