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Well, most anyone who knows me up close and personal knows I love InWorldz. It is my virtual home away from home. We have social groups, pagan gatherings, theatre, roleplay, non profit organizations and more.

However I do also love to play good old fashioned games. My staying power in them is often lacking however I think a lot of that is the fact that I have a hard time ‘identifying’ with a video game character, unlike ‘virtual world’ me. Virtual World me, previously in Second Life and now in InWorldz is just a pixel extension of me. A sort of 3d Facebook minus the stupid memes and re-shares. It allows people from all over the world to build, interact and gather for various occasions or just to have fun.

I have played World of Warcraft… known as WoW. I have never liked it, truly. I wasn’t fond of the Characters, but even that was not as bad to me as the wait lines to hand in quests when the NPC keeps getting killed , or some of the general rudeness and trolling. Quests are repetitive and I just could never get into feeling like I was an actual ‘part’ of the game. This could be because I started the game so many years after it came out.. at a time when so many had already found their guilds and were really a part of the whole game. Granted, many people still love the game. I’m just not one of them.

Ryzom is another game I have tried. I actually quite love that game. It is about the same age as WoW, but with a totally immersive environment. The sounds, the oddness.. the movement of the animals, the herds. My only problem is that it took another player, a super awesome friend I met to help me finish. Some of the instructions aren’t clear and it can definitely be an adventure.. but what an awesome group of people. A call out to chat and someone is there to help. The wind in the trees, the rain, the sunsets and seasons.. its a beautiful world. And can be very dangerous also.

In Silan, in Ryzom

In Silan, in Ryzom. I am of a race called Tryker.  We rock! Totally. Small but can kick ass. And that sword? It’s on fire 😀

Now Im at a level 50 in most my skills.. in Ryzom you don’t have to focus on just one skill and in fact in the starting world, Silan, its recommended that you finish the quests in each skill before leaving to move on to the rest Atys. You totally need those skills. Honest. Ryzom is free. You can pay a premium for 10.95/month but other than more storage there’s not lots of use for it for me. The money goes to pay for servers etc and the actual game code has been released to the world for free.

I then heard from a friend about Lord of the Rings Online. I did like the movies.. haven’t read the books, but thought it could be fun. I really quite like it. The quests can be a bit monotonous, but not as bad as WoW (in my opinion) , and the NPCs can’t be killed, so no waiting to hand in quests. The only thing is.. as soon as you can, I recommend the Riding Skill from the LOTRO store, and then.. a mount because some of the distances are quite the travel. Many places do have a stable nearby to hop on for a piece of silver, but nothing beats a good mount. The game IS free to play, but is limited in use (though I havent noticed any issue with this. You can still join a kinship(guild), tell(whisper) to other members etc. With a VIP account of 14.99/month you get access to a mailbox in panel rather than having to go somewhere with a mailbox, you get certain bonuses. I ended up getting confused with all the quests and such, lost track of them and got tired of the traveling about and so quit for a while.  Recently I started playing again, but this time as an Elf. I like the starting zone better and have actually really been ‘getting into’ this character. The character customization in LOTRO is a bit lacking, but I like the way my Champion Elf looks.

lotrobannersmaller Elledhil

And finally a game I am really liking is GuildWars2 . It’s nice to look at, I love my Warrior human female, the way she moves and looks. The character customization and background you create is really nice and the questing is different. Finished the job? Cool… go do the next thing, no one to hand anything into.  There are also waypoints to easily travel from place to place once you discover each one. Im still a noob there too, level 16, but really liking it. It has gone free to play also, however I bought it instead and so have the full version, no limitations. And was only like 30 bucks (pre-expansion pack – expansion pack due out next month)

My GW2 toon


Nykkala – Warrior, level 16 (just a baby by gaming standards)

I enjoy the different games, depending on my mood. Ryzom and LOTRO both allow for an immersive RP type experience, not sure how that plays out with GW2 – but just the play alone is really enjoyable.

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