1. A structured study program can be a great way to push forward while learning and when it feels useless to keep going. I have some of the same concerns you have about the course since I do not have relationships with the Celtic Gods. It is a lot for me just keeping up with daily devotions to the Canaanite (and possibly Palmyrene) Gods. I’m interested to see how your studies will help you develop in the future! Good luck, and shalamu!

    • Yeah, I would think it would be important to some degree… however when I read through their forums of people at the Ovate level and just chats in general, there are many who are animists who don’t interact with deity at all, instead seeing divinity in each thing. Some who feel that the Gods are the spirits that live in these things. Some who feel that the various Gods are one Source, manifesting in different Gods depending on the need or part of the journey one is on. Some are hard polytheists who do feel the presence of each distinct god. There doesn’t seem to be one set way. However there is of course Celtic lore, and I do have interest in that, being of Irish and British decent, and being Wiccan I obviously entertain a level of satisfaction with those things.
      But… El and Athiratu, Anat and Ba’al.. the various stories and feelings and impressions from them, they are very real for me also. I think that the form OBOD takes, allows one to take what they learn and apply it to the path they are on, “The three realms of Art, Nature and Philosophy are encompassed within the three divisions of the Druid Tradition. We are finally able to unite our artistic concerns with our environmental and spiritual concerns. The Bard, Ovate and Druid are one person standing on the earth – poet and shaman, healer and philosopher – spiritual and earthy.” — I think that the various things taught at each level could even perhaps deepen the relationships I have now.. who knows.
      Structured course (though I admittedly dropped out of the House of Netjer one) can help with a feeling of connectivity and my current self feels very disconnected in many ways. Fingers crossed, and a good self -shove to keep myself on this path, to see what I can learn.

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