1. There are just no words. This time is so difficult…. Isn’t strange how an absence can be so heavy. I hope you feel your daughter with you. I believe you are honoring her wonderfully. You are on my mind. Sending thoughts for strength and peace to you

    • Birch

      Thank you. And yes – an absence is so heavy. I don’t know if I feel her with me or not. Initially, right away I felt something — now I’m not sure. Maybe I was just feeling her through my denial of her departure. Much peace to you also. And love – be good to yourself and I hope that some joy of the holidays leaks through and touches you <3

      • I miss your replies and I am sorry for that. I came to read your latest post and wanted to check on things. Thank you for your well wishes to me. You are on my mind so often. peace to you and much love

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