St.Valentine’s Day

Hm. Well, it was a pretty uneventful day. My husband was crabby when he woke up because someone (my daughter) used up almost all the sugar from the sugar bowl and didn’t bother refilling it. I told him not to complain to me about it, but to tell HER about it. That was when crabiness ensued. ” Don’t tell YOU about it? Fine, I’ll never tell you ANYTHING again and never tell ME anything again” Bah… Whatever. I just went about my day. Things like that just don’t bother me anymore. However, believe it or not, almost nothing else was said between us today. Wasn’t cold shouldering really…. well at least not on my behalf. I’m a bit pms’y right now, and rather than open my mouth and tell him what I WANTED to tell him, (something along the lines of ‘Oh for pete’s sakes, smarten the heck up and stop whining!’) and risk an actual argument of sorts breaking out, I just read, and played with the kids, as did he… did housework as usual…Oh, and I did some meditation and read Ecclesia Gnostica’s homily for today. There were some great parts actually, about spiritual love, and the archetypal relationship that we are expecting to have for ourselves that is really a longing of a greater love….  regarding abstinence:

the usefulness of an extended period of sexual abstenance is that it may be the means by which some people come to the insight that beyond, behind and beneath the desire for sexual satisfaction is a love-impassioned will and longing for a spiritual wholeness that no amount of purely physical sex can fill. Once this insight is realized, sexual abstenance no longer serves any real spiritual purpose

That was a great way of looking at it. I also enjoyed this part

The ritual of the Valentine Societies of medieval France, as in the mysteries celebrated by the Valentinian Gnostics, and our own sacramental mysteries has as one of its fundamental purposes that of providing a symbolic enactment upon which the powerful archetypal energies of wholeness within us can be projected and brought into consciousness. The archetype of romantic love is one of the most powerful of those energies. It unconsciously pervades our entire cultureÑninety percent of our popular movies, art, music, and literature revolve around this theme; yet most are blind, like the blind-folded figure of Cupid in the Tarot card of the Lovers, to the spiritual root of this archetype and continue to confuse the mythic image of romantic love with the worldly goals of marrying and raising a family. When this archetype is not allowed expression in ritual or some other symbolic, transcendental context, then it erupts in our human relationships. We go about seeking the perfect anima or animus in the perfect woman or perfect man; we hope to find the Holy Grail in worldly relationships. St. Valentinus, like the Gnostics before him realized that the perfect marriage was not to be found in the world but in the spirit.

Also, something I myself had thought about before, the image of Cupid, with his arrow…

One of the symbols of Valentine’s Day that has always struck me as holding some symbolic and hidden mystery is that of the heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow. It reminds me of the heart of Jesus pierced by the lance of Longinus and the heart of Mary pierced by a sword. Yet these religious images transcend history, and point to a mystery of redemption that transcends the physical death described by these images even as the the arrow pierced heart signifies the piercing by Love’s shaft, instead of a physical slaying.

Yes, it was an appropriate read, on a day when I definitely felt a lack of romanticism in my marriage. We love each other. We are used to each other however, and we don’t always make an effort to treat each other the way we should. Though um… I have to say… I try WAY harder than he does…. lol Anyhow.. good things are on the horizon. They always are. And if one looks hard enough (one=me), one will find that things are better than they appear.

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