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I have once again installed the latest version of Simple-Press forums for WordPress and I love it. LOVE it! Hands down the best WP Forum solution I’ve used – and I’ve used many. 
It installs with bare-bones, but with some built in Themes. From there, you can install multiple different plug ins so that it is only as featured as you desire. It has a great captcha plug in. A drag and drop. It is fully customizable and has of course the option to link your blog posts to your forums.
I’ve been having so much fun setting it up today. It is not a One-Click wordpress install. Instead, you use FTP (like filezilla -which is super easy) and upload the unzipped folder to your WP-Content/Plugins . This will create an additional folder in your Plugins called SP-Resources, and in here you will find the Forum Specific Plugin folder for all your SP plugins. I like having them separate like that.
To have a look at Simple-Press, you can view it at
(The icons for the different forum categories are from Omercetin at Deviant Art. A bit more cartoony that the original icons but they suit my nature 🙂 Custom icons are easily loaded right from the Forum control panel in WordPress. I only mention this because if you are looking to create a gaming forum or something tech saavy you might not be impressed by flower and tree icons haha)
Okay, off to play some more. Oh, and the theme I am using for WP is perfect because it has a built in Full Width template that I use for the forum page so that the forum takes up the whole width. Some templates ignore this and so you simply create a template in notepad and upload it. It takes about 5 seconds. You can just copy/paste the text to put on it which is found at the simple-press forum FAQ.

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