1. What a wonderful post ! I’m the editor of the blog that article came from. We also have a community app you can download for free. I think you might enjoy hanging out with us. It’s Boom Rethink the Drink on Mighty Networks. Come check us out

    • Birch

      I actually joined the community and downloaded the community app as well. I even have my profile filled out and have commented on a few posts. Just found it yesterday through the other forum and app that I am using. I’m so happy to find these communities and resources.

  2. iampeacenow

    What a great resource. It’s so good there is something like this out there. And hearing how ready you are for this change in your life is uplifting. Sending you so much love!

    • Birch

      Thank you – and now just passed my two month mark <3 The BoozeMusing community is truly wonderful. I uninstalled facebook from my phone yesterday. Messenger also. Using my account at MeWe and blogging a bit here and tumblr. FB was becoming toxic but also addictive and I needed a break from the useless information overload. My boyfriend, in a sign of solidarity chose to uninstall from his phone also. And since he doesn't use a computer at all he has fully disconnected from it 🙂 I still miss Xanga. I feel so hurt and let down by them.

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