Posterous Purchased by Twitter

“Posterous, the simple blogging service has been acquired by Twitter. Posterous started as a simple way to post content via email, web or mobile apps. Posterous competed initially with Tumblr but eventually lost the game to Tumblr and later shifted focus to Spaces.
Now the big question is what happens with those Spaces users created with Posterous. Both companies claim that Spaces will remain up for now but is not clear whether Twitter will shutdown them or not after some time.” click the link above for the full article.

I went with Tumblr although  I had started at Posterous first. Within the first week or so I found Tumblr and far prefer it. Of course, being at Friendica, I can post from here to Tumblr,Twitter,Wordpress,Email,Facebook,and even Posterous and LiveJournal… so really, Posterous, with it’s lack of customizations and non-intuitive community interface really did little to keep my interst. Wasn’t much reason to stick with it.

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