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What is Friendica?
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@Mike talking about his pet project ~friendica and how it is different from other social networks

Diaspora has done a good job or presenting the case for a new model of social networking as far as network architecture goes. But they haven’t changed the underlying model of what a social network is.
People still think of it as driven by a “company” and all their friends must be loyal to that company and that companies win or lose.
We’re challenging the entire stack from top to bottom. Sure, we believe in a decentralised architecture, but that’s just the start. We believe you should be able to communicate with your friends, no matter what service they are on. If you want to chat with your high school buddies, you’ll be using Facebook. Nothing else will do. If you wish to chat with your young adult friends, you’ll be on Diaspora. You’ll still find many Linux professionals and FLOSS advocates on Why shouldn’t you be able to communicate with all of them from the same interface – and not have to sacrifice features that you’ve grown to love?
I’m not building a social network in the traditional sense. I’m building a communications tool that talks to anything, and can easily be extended to talk to anything or do anything I neglected to add to it in the first place. This is completely different than what Facebook or Diaspora or G+ is/are doing. I’m quite happy for you if all your friends are on Facebook. I distrust them, but to me it’s just another network. They can be part of your Friendica stream just like your Aunt Judy’s blog or your pals on joindiaspora. Why should you have to choose one over the other or be forced to carry on different conversations, logout and login to another network and repeat what you just wrote? That’s kind of silly.
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