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Christmas time, time for donations.

I’ve just donated to Friendica. It’s worth it, and it’s worth much more than what I donated.

@Mike is one hell of a developer, from user perspective (not only from there, of course). He answers all questions, and requests for quick fixes (and sometimes even for big stuff) are honored extremely quickly, often within a day. I’ve never seen such a level of responsiveness at any other open source project. Just today I mentioned a bug just to see it fixed less than two hours later.

I’m not the easy user, quick to point out problems and bugs, not always in a manner that shows how grateful I am (like recently with the Diaspora PMs feature 🙂 ) for what Mike and @Fabio Comuni and other contributors do for my Friendica experience.

This is the time to say thank you! Thanks a lot for all the time you spend on the Friendica project.

Open source distributed social networks are extremely important for privacy and free speech. My favorite is Friendica, so I donated there. But whichever network you use, support it! Donate to the Diaspora project, donate to the people who run the Friendica server or Diaspora pod you are using! Don’t take this for granted!

Give something back, even if it is just a few Euros or Dollars.

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