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Very proud of myself. I hauled the little ones out into the cold and shoveled the patio stairs, the front walk and the driveway. I figured the least I could do, seeing as how my husband is working his butt off while I stay at home comfy and warm, was to shovel the driveway enough so that he could get in it 🙂

The snow came up to the top of my little ones’ legs, but shoveled paths for them in the snow so that they could play a bit. They lasted out there longer than I thought they would. Defnitely won’t be making it to preschool again tomorrow. It’s about a 20 minute walk WITH the stoller in good weather. About a 45 minute walk without the stroller, in GOOD weather, and in this snow? uh…. definitely not worth it for 2.5 hours at school.

So, it will be another day of Dora, Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars2, and of course crayons, playdough (which my youngest eats as MUCH of as he possibly can when I’m not looking) and lots of coffee for me!

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