When a life ends, it’s like the entirety of what they were returns to it’s source. The emptiness and void I feel is the Lack of Her. As she withdrew from here, she disentangled, disengaged from me. Her loss as physically painful as a part of my body being removed. Soon, I hope I will be … [Read more…]

Hardest Day

Or second hardest. First hardest I guess was when the police told me she passed. Yesterday was the funeral but so many people were there.. (200?) that i had little time to be sad. Or be anything. Just do, do do… and then we had open house also for any family or friends. But today … [Read more…]


So. October 7th of this year, my life changed. A police officer and some woman accompanying him came to my door about dinner time. They confirmed my name. They confirmed that I had a daughter… had. The police officer then went on to tell me : “I’m sorry to inform you but your daughter passed … [Read more…]


When I feel anxious, I don’t focus on why. I ask instead what it MEANS that I feel anxious. The answer? Because I CARE. Then I feel better. — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) September 16, 2016

Autumn Embraces

In the morning hours, when the rushing cars are not quite capable Of drowning out the stillness, left over from night.   Leaves still green from summer’s warmth have a hue underneath, Snapshot in time, caught between colours .   The breeze picks up and the song begins, a melody of aging. The tune sung … [Read more…]

And Another Test Post

My Friendica->Wordpress stopped working, not sure where it has been foiled along the way.  So sending this one from #Hubzilla, let’s see how far it gets.

Cross Posting

Sometimes it’s hard to choose one single blogging/communication platform. Some people are on Tumblr, some are on LJ (yes still!) some are on Blogger and some are on WordPress. I’ve been looking for  way to  do an ‘all in one’ post and so this is a test post to see where it goes to. Also … [Read more…]