NOT a Friend of the Dawn this Morning.

7am came way too early.

With little D up until about 1:30am, it seemed to take me forever to fall asleep. Before I knew it, I could hear both kids talking away to themselves in the baby monitors.

I am so tired. And the worst part? The absolutely unforgiveable part? I’m OUT OF COFFEE!!!

The sun is shining which means I have no excuse not to drag my sorry rear out the door for a walk. Birds are singing, the sky is clear and blue, the flowers are singing…. ok, not really… but it’s like a scene from some happy smiley kids cartoon outside this morning.

Alright then. Whining is done.

I am thankful for this beautiful weather (if I say it, maybe I’ll believe it), I am thankful that my little kidletts are safe and well and healthy enough to awaken with the birds all chipper and gleeful. (um, I DO mean that… though I wish they’d awaken to the birds that are a wee bit lazier and sleep in later)… I’m thankful that my older kids are criminal record free… and I GUESS I’m thankful that I have tea in the house because I HAVE NO COFFEE. (did I mention that already?)

Off to make a tea.

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