No pictures but…

It’s absolutely gorgeous out. 19 C on the patio. I think that’s about 65 F? And yes indeed I live in Canada. Not too far from Vancouver. Gorgeous South West British Columbia. I’m surprised there’s any snow on the mountains for the Olympics.

Hubby and I were outside with the two little ones making garden plans. It’s just about that time. My oldest (20) has a nasty toothache and has no dental. Yikes. He is an unhappy camper today, I tell you! My seventeen year old daughter surprised me yesterday. I came back from meeting with the Rev at the United Church (am thinking about attending there… first time back in a church in years) and my kitchen was spotless! Sinks scrubbed, counters wiped, no dishes anywhere… BLISS! So, tonight she is having two friends over for a sleepover and I gave her ten dollars so that she could buy a few snacks for herself. The cleaning was worth at LEAST that, I’m just a bit too broke to give her more than that. ¬†Awesome kid! My fifteen year old went to his dad’s for the weekend. My daughter didnt want to go because she’s having the sleepover.So, we are down one, and up two (two girls for my daughter’s sleep over) so 6 kids in the house.

Bread is baking, little ones are napping, and I’m going to go read Hoeller.

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