No, it wasn’t the best day. Focus was not the word of the day. I did not spend my day well. I did not do my best to love my neighbour… (I actually giggled because the major wind storm tore and shredded the top of his pop-up tarp/shed thingy ).

The Fido representative on the phone today did not receive my best side. In fact, I think he was probably wishing by the end of the conversation that he had stayed home today. Or at the very least, passed on my phone call.

However, even amidst the chaos of the day, and the ugliness of my mood, always sitting at the edge of my thought was God. 

Whenever I took a moment to become aware of the EVERYWHERE presence of the Divine, things felt a bit better. 

I will make a conscious effort to use my day more wisely tomorrow. 

     Mater Amabilis, in garments of splendour

     Drenched in the beauty that is the Light

     Who as Sophia spread the seeds of the Divine Spark

     That we may never be forced to dwell in darkness…

     We need only to seek the Light

     And to open our hearts.

     Blessed is the Logos

     Who was there in the beginning

     His loving embrace would

     Guide our Mother home.

     May we open ourselves to his Truth , 

     Illuminated by the Stars of the Sea of Remembrance 

     That all will be revealed.


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