My Walk

My Walk. It was not an adventure perhaps today, but it was an experience. I was walking with the boys in their double stroller, and the sky is , as you know, not particularly sunny today… the breeze was blowing the trees, the temperature was just perfect. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it all, and then, as I walked under a horse chestnut tree, full in bloom, the wind blew the leaves and they made that sound… the sound that trees make when they dance in the wind. In that moment, I felt like God was speaking to me. In a voice that was not a voice. Things suddenly were different. More clear. Like when you finally break down and lift that protective film off of your cellphone and you see how bright and clear the screen is. A veil had flickered and I saw the beauty that is God. Right there. Real. The rest of the walk was somewhat surreal. Off and on , here and there throughout my life I’ve had those feelings. It was an experience like that once, when watching the sun sink behind the mountains, trailing shadows behind, that made me realize it was time to reconnect with the Divine, because the Divine was manifesting itself to me. I love the Divine. So very much. Anyhow… just wanted to share my morning with you.

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