Being a parent of such a challenging 16 year old might be easier if I actually knew anyone out here. I have these days where the little ones and I go for our walks, and play outside and all is good… and during those times, I don’t mind the fact that I’ve lived in this city for three years and have no friends….
But then days like today, where my 16 year old is driving me freaking nuts come round, and after a tearful (on my end) fight, it would be SO nice to have someone come by for a cup of coffee or something.
I remember before, when I was a single mom with my older three, I had a good friend who was always there for me. (And I tried to do the same for her) When things got shitty, I could call her up and whine. 🙂
When things go shitty now, there’s really no one to talk to.
I can tell my husband, and then he just gets frustrated because as the step-dad, he is rather limited. The best way to get a troubled teen acting even more troubled  is by getting a step-parent involved in a dispute. Well, at least round here anyhow.
I love living where I do, but wow. It’s tough sometimes. It’s beautiful here, but any attempts I’ve made at socializing have been kind of dead ends. Anyhow, enough rambling. Just having a crappy day.

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