>Mead Making Notes

>Oct 29/09
*sorry for the mixed use of degree designations, it’s just now i had it written down…

started with 6kg (=2gal) of honey, with 2gal of water, heated until honey dissolved then brought to a boil for 20mins to sterilize.

removed from heat, let cool to 70-75F before adding yeast (temp approx 175F or 77C when removed) and added:
15tbsp of air dried bee pollen (yeast energizer, recommended 1-5tbsp/gal);
1/2 each blood orange and lemon, sliced (one whole citric fruit);
7tbsp very strong tea (steeped 6 Earl Grey teabags in average sized teapot)- recommended 2tbsp/gal.

at 50C, added 1 additional gallon of cold water

added 900g frozen mixed berries raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry (75.5C).
Oct. 30 added additional 500g frozen blue berries

started yeast (lalvin 1118) in 1 cup warm water, let stand for time indicated on package
added to must at 110F

initial hydrometer readings,
1.135 (18%)
1.1 (15%) after yeast added

fill sink with cold water and place pot of boiled must into this cold water to speed cooling 😉
3kg honey =4L= 1gal
1kg= 2 2/3 cups/ 650ml


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