It’s nice to be loved

Both the kids were at school today, neither of them very sick with a cold anymore, just a bit of a cough at night.

Chicken breast in a tomato paste/oil/seasonings marinade, with rice and vegetables for dinner.  I skipped dinner and had a bowl of Chocolate Cheerios. (eek )

Husband put those thingies that look like drawers that don’t open that go under the sink, on. The Bathroom one had fallen off quite some time ago, and the kitchen one yesterday. I’m having family over and i REALLY didnt want my sink bases exposed for all to see.

Sadly, although I told hubby that the apparatus needed to be set back in a bit so that the roller thingies were just about flush, he had them sticking out almost 1/4 of an inch. So.. they kind of hang off.


He doesn’t see that as an issue. BUT I won’t complain. Nope. Because then he will never attempt to fix anything again and I appreciate that he tried. And one day, when he is at work, I will go get his drill and try to fix it.

The boys were frantically talking non stop about Pirates of the Caribbean Lego vid game for PS3. WHILE they were supposed to be eating dinner. I kept telling them to not talk with full mouths, to calm down and not to be so goofy and giddy over the game while eating.  Dinner is SOOO loud. Eventually they got ‘after-dinner-vid-game-privileges’ taken away. These signs of complete obsession are always a clue that its time to cut back.

After dinner, my 4.5 yr old went out onto the deck from the kitchen. I heard him dragging chairs around. He came back in and said

“Mama,I want you to come sit with me outside because it’s so pretty”. I go and look and he has put both chairs over on the other side of the deck, side by side, facing south to see the other homes, trees, and clouds. I told him how blessed I felt to have such wonderful children and such a thoughtful boy. He said “Do you love me lots because I was in your tummy for a really, really long time, cuz you growed me?”

And I said , “I love you, lots, always and forever because You are my little boy that I love and loves me”… he leaned over and kissed my arm and then hugged me with his little arms


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