It’s been Five Years

I came to Diaspora about five years ago now, while Ilya was still there making posts – I still remember his last post. The animated butterfly gif.

Since that time I discovered Friendica, and then Libertree, and then Red/Hubzilla, GNUSocial and many other neat treats. The most wonderful thing is, that today while dealing with a trollish short on Diaspora, I had some dear friends whom I’ve known here a long time that chimed in with some very kind comments, and I realized how this is the only social network ive been on in which I’ve made connections with people who I don’t know at all, don’t even necessarily have much in common with but whom I consider to be a friend. On Facebook, I know pretty much everyone in my contacts (in real life) , and those I don’t we only connect over shared opinion.

Here however it’s like the idea of something new, a different way of doing things connected a whole group of strangers who have built an amazing bunch of communities over the years.
Diaspora, Friendica, Libertree, and StatusNEt/GNUSocial, Hubzilla… We find each other across the various platforms, even when one instance might go down here and there, and five years later the core people I initially met are still about and many new friends since.

You are all truly, really super awesome.

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