In LotRO tonight

In LotRO tonight

I killed some things, killed some other things and got silver. It’s actually quite a bit of fun to play but can get monotonous. It’s really the community that makes it so awesome, and the scenery, and the player houses, and my pointy ears… anyhow — first of all, me Elledhil, about to head out from her homestead to go take care of business


About to kill some weird bug thingies


Near my personal home, same lands as my Kinship


Also in my Kinship land

Landroval Server, in the Golden Mallorn Kinship

I caught a bit of a convo about one of my kinnies.. the Head Kinnie I think, needing help kicking chickens. However, by the time I was done my own murderous rampage she was already done. BAD KINNIE!!! So tomorrow I shall have to be sure to put my neck out on the line. However, tomorrow night is also GuildWars2 night and I’m meandering about lackadaisically at level 25. But man do I ever die alot. Not sure wtf is up with that, Im a Warrior, so basically a tank… however for the life of me I can’t seem to stay alive as long as anyone else. MUST work on that

Here, is Nykkala – Sanctum of Rall Server, in Sentinels of Solaris guild

IKR, she looks JUST like me!

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  1. Very cool. Do you have to build the house yourself or acquire it in some way? So this is a game you play on a server with other people only? The only game I play is Minecraft and most of the time I play peaceful. I honestly like to build simple things – tiny houses or underground apartments typically – though I am currently involved with a bigger project. I have 2 games I play on my own, one I play on a public server (survival, hard) and 2 I play on a private server. On the private server we turn from peaceful to not as we wish. I’m not sure how long I’ll continue on those servers though as I play them with my now ex-bf. Anyway… heh. I rambled about minecraft too much. But trust me on Survival Hard mode I die too often as well. I hate when I lose stuff I’m carrying. Sometimes my ex will pick them up for me. Lol. peace to you and your adventures.

    • All my kids have played Mine craft. The young ones and my adult kids. My dad plays too. I have never played. I probably should try. This game is Lord of the Rings Online. A free to play game on the computer. You can work alone or with others to completes tasks. You can not build places.
      I do spend a lot of time in InWorldz also. There you can build if you have land, (about five dollars/month) you can build homes clothing and furniture depending on your know how. Simplistic building is with cubes, cylinders etc. Then you apply textures. I’m not skilled so generally live in and play with the things other people build. 🙂 thank you for reading and it is not a ramble…. it is conversation.

  2. I might check it out sometime. I did guess what the game was :-). The build system seems similar to Minecraft but much more intricate. I am not very skilled at Minecraft either. Not really. I see some amazing things people build and wonder at how much time it takes. I’ve only played since January and I truly need a new mouse for survival mode. My mouse is very glitchy. …. Yes, a conversation indeed 🙂

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