1. Inga Frank

    Oh my dear Shilo! I love you for writing this. I don’t see you as what you described. I see a strong-willed, brilliant-minded woman, generous, honest and with an impish smile. But of course we all have that hidden side. I feel much the same about my body. Especially now that I’m 66. Hate aging and the signs of it on my body. I guess I’ll have to replace the shoulds with “I’d like to” and be okay with not being able to drive on the highway, or be too exhausted to see friends.
    A big hug to you, Inga

    • Aww thank you Inga <3 I think we are each our own worst enemy sometimes. I really can't believe you're 66. You're stunning! Love you lots, we need to get together sometime soon. Bless n Hugs!

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