Hardest Day

Or second hardest. First hardest I guess was when the police told me she passed. Yesterday was the funeral but so many people were there.. (200?) that i had little time to be sad. Or be anything. Just do, do do… and then we had open house also for any family or friends.
But today it was the fact that all I could feel was dread.
She looked nothing like herself. Maybe because it took 2 weeks for the funeral.. she looked bloated and old and NOT 23 beautiful.
I saw this shell.
Without our spirit our shell is strange and cracked, broken.
Today was a slight spiral down into a bit of madness and darkness.



  1. Sherry

    That’s why hun, i avoid veiwings. After seeing my grandfather & my two older boys dad, can’t get that image of them out of my head. I’m Sorry , that is going to be your last of Caitlin. I’m just sorry period, that you are having to go through this ! Much love & positive energy i send to you my friend,for that’s all 8 can do.

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