So. October 7th of this year, my life changed.

A police officer and some woman accompanying him came to my door about dinner time. They confirmed my name.

They confirmed that I had a daughter… had.

The police officer then went on to tell me : “I’m sorry to inform you but your daughter passed away this afternoon”

This was the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I was told that being a long weekend the coroner probably wouldn’t call until Tuesday so just ‘spend time with family now, because not much can be done until Tuesday’.

Since that day, what have I accomplished (no I did not wait til Tuesday)

  • Choosing the funeral director
  • Choosing cemetery.
  • Choosing a casket.
  • Choosing to have open casket pior to the service
  • Choosing to then go to the cemetery for the burial
  • Choosing to have open house following the burial at my home
  • Signed off on a 10,000.00 bill
  • Got the date picked by confirming that my son can get time off from school
  • Confirmed that the date works for the Cemetery and for the Church.
  • Meeting with the Priest and Deacon
  • Went to cemetery with daughter’s boyfriend to pick out a plot.
  • In the works – ¬†arranging the pictures so that we can have a musical montage

Life is so impermanent.

Any second can be your last. Any words can be the last a person hears.



  1. I have a pain in my chest reading this….. You have been on my mind, dear friend. I am sending you energy and love, keeping you in my thoughts and heart. I am wishing you peace and strength.

    “Life is so impermanent” – such painful truth. There is nothing I can say – no words which are adequate. I am deeply sorry for this devastating loss. peace & love to you

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