From the Divine~

The Divine is beautiful, strong, eternal.

The Divine is life and death, male, female, spirit and soul.

The Divine is all of us.

The Myth:

In the beginning, there was the Divine One.  Love in it’s purest form.

Ebb, flow, ebb flow. In the Ebb, the Divine released two aspects of itself, female and male, and in the flow sent them outward ..

She was sent forward first, and He followed immediately after.

She became all that is manifested around us. All the Elements of the earth and the Earth herself.

He became the motion within her.

She the chalice, he the wine that fills.

She became Goddess. He became God.

They are called by many names. They are The Great Mother and Father, Lord and Lady, Goddess and Horned God, as well as a myriad of names given to them by different people from different places at different times.

She is the reflection of the Sun in the Moon a reminder that we are all reflections of Divinity.

Goddess instills in us emotions and ideas, hopes and dreams

and God helps to propel those, to bring those thoughts into action.



As we envision our Lord and Lady, as we create them in physical form in our mind, we are able to direct love and admiration and respect toward them. When we send them this love, it goes straight to the One. Which strengthens the One and in turn strengthens us.

We are all part of the One.  When we send love to the Ineffable  through the manifestation of the Father and Mother, we are sending love to ourselves. When we envision THEM  in the form we are comfortable with, it is easier for us to communicate with them and therefore communicate with the One.

We can even take the energy we send to Them and use it to direct at an intention we have in order to create change . As in magic.

God and Goddess are part of us all. When we honour them, we honour ourselves.

When we honour the air, and the earth and the fire and water, we honour ourselves. We build the divinity within.