First day of summer

Well, to me summer begins at Beltaine. In May. I judge it more on hours of daylight. Hitting their peak yesterday, the hours now quietly grow shorter. In places that get very hot in the summer, this is much appreciated. 🙂
So, first full day of High Summer. For the second day in a row we have summer like weather. The Sun King was more gentle than ever in our neck of the woods this year, but it seems like the season is now progressing normally again.
I’m outside watching the boys play. It’s just about 12:30. Sky is mostly clear. There are some birds nesting in some birdhouses on the support beams of patio, so as I sit here, they fly back and forth, bringing food to the new baby swallows.
Demetrio is wearing shorts, and spiderman boots. When you’re two and a half, those favourite boots are pretty important. Dante, almost four, is a bit more practical and is content with his sandals.
Demetrio has hit a milestone. He has decided he doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep in the chair anymore. This was the one who never slept at night until one and a half, and who even then required long periods of rocking, singing and having his hand held and stroked. Not anymore.
“Na night mama. Mwuah mwuah mwuah. I LUUUB you” he says, imitating the night time ritual including kiss sounds that we have with big hrother Dante.
Makes me sad a bit. And very proud of him.
With my oldest three, the parenting techniques at tue time were so much more strict. Putting themself to sleep by one. Out of diapers at two. Reading novels by three. 😉 This time round I’ve tried to go with the flow. And it all seems to be working well.
My sixteen year old is still at his dads. He’s been gone a month now. I miss him, but he is doing well. At his dads he has to work a lot and I think it gives him a sense of value and accomplishment. Here I couldn’t even get him to cut the grass. He’d simply say, “no” and then promptly tell me to fuck off. Then we would fight. There’s no fighting with his dad because he’s scared of him. So, he just works for him, and his grandpa, and he’s feeling pretty good about himself. He might never move back here. But it might be best for everyone. I don’t know.
My twentytwo year old and I went for a walk to walmart last night. Sure are a lot of creeps out at tenpm on the strip going to walmart. My twentytwo year old works there tho, so he likes to shop there using his discount. Hes a funny kid that one. He has such a dry sarcasm, we have some great good natured banters.
My only girl just passed the one year mark with her guy. He’s a nice kid, he’s good to her. And very down to earth. My daughter wants to pursue a career as a clinical counsellor. She has some schooling to finish up, but she’s been really applying herself to school more this year and seriously been thinking about her future.
Well, its hot. Time to get these monkeys in for lunch.

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