Divinaturist / Divinaturism

We have finally found a term that sums up the work done within the Circle of the Eternal Sun.

Divinaturism is similar to Panentheism in many ways. The main difference is that while panentheism is more a belief system, Divinaturism is the name we give to the spiritual path we are on. It is more than a system, it is a spiritual practice. Our way to ‘re-link to the divine. We are Divinaturists.


Divinaturism – The Practice of recognizing Divinty in the Natural World.

Divinaturist – One who practices Divinaturism.

di-vi-na’-too-ri-zm – From the Latin words ‘divinitus’ in ‘natura’ .

meaning: divinity in nature

Our Core Beliefs

Writings that Inspire Us

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