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  1. iampeacenow

    I believe you will get a sense of your daughter. At first your mind and spirit – even your body – has to process her absence on this plane of existence so to speak. Being numb for a bit may cushion us a little for a time. I agree with your friend… I am so sorry. When I read your posts my heart aches for you. I think after such a devastating loss it makes sense to question beliefs. Holidays will never be the same. Celebrating and remembering your daughter in the way that feels right to you is exactly the right thing. I’m not familiar with the game but I can understand this sadness that she is not there in that world and that the characters would say they miss her… That broke my heart. … I can understand the anguish about the medical questions (Hug)… There are no words…. But I’m glad you have such happy memories…. But I know memories are not enough… Memories are never enough. My peace and love to you

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