Cross Posting

Sometimes it’s hard to choose one single blogging/communication platform. Some people are on Tumblr, some are on LJ (yes still!) some are on Blogger and some are on WordPress.

I’ve been looking for  way to  do an ‘all in one’ post and so this is a test post to see where it goes to.

Also including an image as well.



  1. I do get your posts in WordPress and I am also signed up for email notices but sometimes it seems I can’t comment on WordPress. Or maybe it’s an issue with my phone app. I’m still reading! Peace to you

    • birch

      Oh thank you, and I still read yours also. I kept wishing and hoping Xanga would come back. And I have all these places I have had accounts over the years so I figured if I could make ONE writing, and have it make it to the places were some people follow me without having to log in everywhere, that would be great. I joined LiveJournal about 14 years ago, blogger about 12 years ago, and Tumblr about 6 years ago. Each place has it’s pros and cons. I like WordPress I just find that sometimes I feel as though I am not professional enough to post here. When I joined WordPress it was all very casual personal blogs and now some are just SO impressive it makes me feel awkward (((hugs))) thank you for reading.

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