Starting the OBOD Course,

Starting the OBOD Course, My materials came in yesterday, after a bit of a long wait for them to travel across the sea (they came from the UK. I'm happy to finally have them in, not that I feel as though it is the missing link I've been waiting for all of my life, however … [Read more…]

This is a test

This is a test I'm sort of interested to find out a quick and easy way to cross post to various sites I don't really like (but friends are at) while being able to write from a site I enjoy and support. So.. testing another way to do this. This post is coming from Diaspora, … [Read more…]

Video Games

Well, most anyone who knows me up close and personal knows I love InWorldz. It is my virtual home away from home. We have social groups, pagan gatherings, theatre, roleplay, non profit organizations and more. However I do also love to play good old fashioned games. My staying power in them is often lacking however … [Read more…]

Hm – an important thing I forgot

So – I missed one important thing. doesn’t have ‘followers’ I would still be using to come and see what all my fav bloggers are up to. *sighs* So I just unmapped my domain name for nothing. How very lame of me. Well im not paying another 17.00 to map it for … [Read more…]