Old computers…

I have this old netbook thingy Eee…. it is running windows 10. Somehow. Wondering about a linux install instead. Kubuntu? Mint or… Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica

Tree time

It’s up, not decorated – though the lights are on it (but not turned on)And two little thingies for my daughter. Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica


http://godisinthewind.com/post/153749360236/lonelygodinthetardis-its-funny-the-day-you-lose This – spot on. 🙁


When a life ends, it’s like the entirety of what they were returns to it’s source. The emptiness and void I feel is the Lack of Her. As she withdrew from here, she disentangled, disengaged from me. Her loss as physically painful as a part of my body being removed. Soon, I hope I will be … [Read more…]


So. October 7th of this year, my life changed. A police officer and some woman accompanying him came to my door about dinner time. They confirmed my name. They confirmed that I had a daughter… had. The police officer then went on to tell me : “I’m sorry to inform you but your daughter passed … [Read more…]


When I feel anxious, I don’t focus on why. I ask instead what it MEANS that I feel anxious. The answer? Because I CARE. Then I feel better. — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) September 16, 2016