Two Months Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be December 7th. Two months since she died. Not only do Fridays in general sit in my memory as ‘The Friday the police officer told me my daughter had passed away that afternoon’, but now there is also the 7th of each month that stands out for me. And of course there is … [Read more…]

Hardest Day

Or second hardest. First hardest I guess was when the police told me she passed. Yesterday was the funeral but so many people were there.. (200?) that i had little time to be sad. Or be anything. Just do, do do… and then we had open house also for any family or friends. But today … [Read more…]

Back from our trip

Still trying to decide whether I had a good time or not. I know that sounds horrible. The cabin is great. I love it, all the comforts of home but in the beautiful greenery that is Galiano Island. I think that as usual, my expectations were set too high. I thought that maybe Dante would … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Dante!

We celebrated Dante’s birthday today, although it isn’t actually until the tenth. On the tenth however, we will be on the Island, so we celebrated today.Dante was a reluctant guest of honour.He preferred to open and close all the doors and play with an old, noisy Fisher Price train that is about 30 years old. … [Read more…]

Birthday and family holiday!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Dante’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I was taking my temperature, and using lingo like , ovulation, temp jump, luteal phase, betas, abbreviatons such as dtd, poas, bfn, bfp, hcg etc etc…. and now my first tubal reversal baby will be two! And … [Read more…]

Saturday Morning

A nice, lazy rainy day. I woke up feeling quite positive and cheery this morning. Perhaps the lack of sleep making me giddy? I really like Saturdays because Friday, although Akashik is home from work, he is busy doing the StupidStore shop, and whatever else needs to be done outside the home. Saturday is a … [Read more…]

Playgroup Day

Today was the first playgroup day for Terra Spirit Tots n Parents. There were three mums (myself, Pixie and Sheila), and five children. (im including my 9 week old, even though he did not participate much)We met at about 10 am, and it was a bit tough because I dont think any of us were … [Read more…]

What better way to pass the time…

…when a baby is at your breast twelve hours/day.This darling , cute beautiful baby boy has the amazing ability to screech like a baby dinosaur. (no Im not old enough to know what dinosaur babies sounded like, but I can imagine.)I got very little accomplished round the house yesterday, I managed to make a stew … [Read more…]