Just a little autumn post.

My favourite time of year, though watching the garden deteriorate makes me sad. The mullein and comfrey are still huge of course, I’ve got to get some picked, as well as a very large amount of lemon balm.

I’ve been very lazy with the garden lately,after all our walking during the day, and being at the park, and with D going to preschool now, the two little ones just haven’t been interested in our little back yard. It’s hard to get out there with two little ones who just bang on the door to go back in. (the fact that the heat has passed and I no longer let them play with the water, and the fact that the wasps are very irritated and out in abundance right now seems to add to the kids disatisfaction with playing in the yard these days)

I did get them to help me gather quince. The tree was quite large this year and I had to use a rake to pull the quince off. We made a delicious quince cobbler last weekend for thanksgiving (Canada) , and the calendula I’ve been drying is such a lovely colour.

The dandelion wine we started in the spring is well on its way and it’s time to bottle it I think. It’s a lovely golden colour. If someone asks me what my favourite colour is, I’ll just say “autumn”

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