Ryzom Closing Event

Today was the last day of #Ryzom Games — not the game itself, just the end of the week long of events. Very awesome. https://i.gyazo.com/7ee1530c45479baff754a3d82c0c73ad.gif Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica


I’m always surprised when I come across my blog here. I just assumed it had disappeared. Anyhow, my main blogging is at http://mysticalmundane.blogspot.com. The site of our spiritual group is http://sparkwithin.org Some sites I visit require a wordpress identity for certain things, so It’s just as well that I keep this one up and going … [Read more…]


>Yep.Being a parent of such a challenging 16 year old might be easier if I actually knew anyone out here. I have these days where the little ones and I go for our walks, and play outside and all is good… and during those times, I don’t mind the fact that I’ve lived in this … [Read more…]