>Letting Go

>I have to let go. I have been too angry lately. I have beautiful children. One who has his first full day of University today, one in her first full day of grade ten, and one in his first full day of grade nine.. and of course, little D.. and #5 snug and warm in … [Read more…]

>September is here…

> And oh my, it most certainly feels like Autumn. I love it.To me, Autumn starts on Lughnasahd, the autumn equinox is the ‘peak’ of autumn… and winter starts at Samhain….Anyhow, as I walked to the grocery store with my oldest son yesterday evening, I had to pull my jacket a little more tightly around … [Read more…]


>It was a pretty great day! 🙂Husband and the boys got alot of yard work done, cleaning out of the dying plants, clearing around the trees, bagging up the green waste (we have too much for our yard and are taking a large amount of it to the Green Recycling Facility)My daughter picked some lemon … [Read more…]

>Making Salves

>From http://herbs.lovetoknow.com/Herbal_Salve_RecipesThe basic salve will be a carrier for the herbs that you add to it. The herbs will do the medicinal work, not necessarily the salve base. The basic salve can be made a number of ways.Base One * 1 part oil* 5 parts beeswax Base Two * 1 part beeswax* 4 parts lard … [Read more…]

>Making Oils

>Well, today I am making patchouli oil so that I may make a patchouli salve… so, Part 1 is the making of the oil…. I am using the Dried Herbs, Hot Infused Oil Method: Fresh Herbs, Hot Infused Oil *Chop up several handfuls of fresh herbs and place in heavy stainless steel pot. *Cover with … [Read more…]

>Air in the North

>I came up with a design for a wheel of the year, using Air in the North.Based on the arguments and propositions of Mike Nichols.His essay here http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/7280/rethink.html gives some GREAT things to think about…So this is my wheel that I made,Keeping in mind that for the Celts, the day began at dusk of the … [Read more…]


> I get the Same feeling this time of year as I do at Ostara .. that ‘change’….. The wheel has turned and we are well into the West/Water cycle of the year, on our way to Samhain…. you can sense the death of the year, and the slight twinges of introspection that was starting … [Read more…]

>Pregnant Again

> Well, who would have guessed? LOL I guess 2008 has been a fruitful year. This little one is due January 12th. First prenatal exam tomorrow. I had an u/s done last week, and so far so good. So we will keep our fingers crossed. Im feeling tired, but thats about it. I want to … [Read more…]

>My Store

> For quality soaps, home made salves, Surya & Swagat Incense, Beeswax Candles and tumbled stones with personal pouches, check out my new store, Terra Spirit Essentials. I’m having alot of fun making different soaps, SLS free, Goatsmilk, and Glycerine, with some great herbs and essential oils. Earthy Delights, with ground cinnamon and lavender essential … [Read more…]