And so it comes to an end?

…”And our community is nothing if not resourceful, so there are two other projects – Friendica and the Pistos project – that have implementations of this old federation protocol that we will be discontinuing. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to keep up and enjoy the advantages of a better-thought-out protocol, so we’ll be publishing detailed documentation once we’ve settled on a scheme. At the end of the day, it’s up to them to choose to stay up to date with us, or not. We want to make it extremely clear that this is not about malice or spite. It’s about moving forward, away from a draft federation model that was never meant to be developed against or forked.”

I’m late reading this, but it makes me sad. I really had thought that D was geared toward being federated with other Social Networking Platforms and not only D itself. 
Don’t get me wrong, D is great, but if it isn’t able to communicate with people from other SNP, then really it isn’t so much different from what’s already out there.
I’m thankful to the D team, for all the effort they have put into the project, but I can’t help but feel a big snubbing toward P and F.

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