A Wordless Day

As part of a practice I want to engage in. One day per week. No speaking. A partial vow of silence. I talk too much most times. All my life I’ve had people chide me about being a chatterbox. Learning to abstain from talking from time to time could be useful.

Also, for many people (myself included) complaining out loud about something ex: “Damn it! I just cleaned this place, how the hell does it get so messy half an hour later” progresses to outbursts of anger and temper tantrums because vocalizing this internal chatter to no one in particular serves to increase irritation and indeed fuels that flame.

Now, obviously, talking is an important form of communication – but in general we speak too much. 
We listen too little.

Some people, are extremely familiar with the idea of speaking less. They are able to say only what is deemed necessary, with thought put into their chosen words. Welcoming silence.
For others, like myself, words just come tumbling out. Words to possibly impress, or present oneself in a particular light. Words to show how witty we are, how intelligent we are, (or even how petty we are.)

Actions however speak louder than words.
If we had no words to present ourselves with, and had instead only our actions, our deeds,  I wonder what sort of image we would put forth to those who we are in contact with.

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