1. Your daughter is so pretty – just so cute. She looks like happiness. I know everyday that ticks by is so terrible…. I so admire your absolute respect for her privacy in having her phone wiped. I did not think about this being a service that is available. Needing to take care of all these things is so difficult. …. She knows – she does… Keeping you in my thoughts. peace to you, dear lady, peace & strength

    • birch

      Thank you. “she looks like happiness” – <3 yes! Yes she does indeed. I wish I had hugged her more. Why did we hug so little??? We love each other, she knows that, and she always told me what a wonderful mother I am. Downplayed any bad times and made me feel like such a good mom, but why didn't I hug her more? That hurts so much to think of. Thinking sometimes is really horrible. and not helpful. thank you for your thoughts and for the connection.

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