Well, I got pregnant at the end of September and miscarried in October. Then, in December, I found out I am pregnant again.
Im trying to be happy, but from the onset it has been stressful . Hcg#s were doubling overly quick and quite high, worried about molar pregnancy. U/s at 6.5 weeks showed a fetus developing on target, a heartbeat (although the technician neglected to put down on the report what the heartbeat was. Only said it appeared within normal range) Progesterone was at 94 (29.8 for those in the US) then 80 something, I forgot…. and two weeks ago, it was down to 75 (23 for our buddies down south) My progesterone wasnt really great to start with this time round. I am stillw aiting for yesterdays progesterone results…. my breast tenderness is gone, the pregnant feeling is gone.
14dpo hcg was 267, 16dpo was 675, 21dpo 8795, then the doubling slowed afterward to 94 hours (yes i am aware this is normal after hcg of 6000), the number was 64,000 and now, two weeks later it is only 159,000. I am 8.5 weeks, but not quite far enough along that my hcg #s should be plateauing.
Combined with this worry is that at the 6.5 week u/s it was discovered some venous/placental lakes… could be nothing, could be something.. could compress on baby and make growth difficult. My dr told me i should be monitored and should go in for a follow up ultrasound. Then he sent me to an ob/gyn. My first appt with him is on Tuesday. I will be over 9 weeks. Wow, good follow up, great monitoring. An u/s in the in between time may have been nice. Now of course all i can think about is how my baby has probably died , and that is why my pregnancy symtoms have vanished, or maybe my progesterone levels did plummet and what could have been helped along by some progesterone is now too late because my dr didnt seem to worry about dropping progesterone levels… for all i know they could be at 6 now.
Waiting is ridiculous. I talk to women from the states and they get results NOW… why does it take so bloody long for anything to happen? YES i am SO happy for this cheap-o health care , i am glad I can pick and choose my drs. But sometimes the saying “You get what you pay for” really comes to mind.
So, here i sit in limbo land. Scared to be happy, but feeling like a negative Nelly due to my pessimistic attitude. Oh well.
I dont know how I could have been stupid enough to think that the Tubal Reversal was the big issue…. no, HAVING the baby is the issue…
And i get so tired of people saying, “Think positive, it will all be fine” ok, yes, thats very nice, but I will wait until I go in for a repeat u/s (which, btw HASNT even been booked for me yet… it will be 3 weeks past last u/s before i even see the ob/gyn and then who knows how long before they can make room for me at a radiology lab.), that shows me a live baby, with a beating heart, that isnt getting compressed by lakes of my own blood…. THEN maybe, I might feel positive.


  1. greatblogger

    You’ve really been lucky, so kudos to you. Also, I read from a testimony somewhere that other than what you indicated, being able to carry a child is also the most prominent issues among couples, especially in the U.S. If you think you have people who got that problem and want it resolved asap, maybe you could suggest to also, like you did, do tubal reversal. Google Dr. Berge (here’s the linK: http://www.tubal-reversal.net/blog), and you’ll see that it’s the most effective solution to date. You could also try adopting. The testimonials I’ve read from their blog’s site is just amazing.

    • I wold prefer you to not use my blog as a place to promote Dr. Berger. Spamming blogs about him does not help him to look very professional. No I did not have my surgery done by him, as you could tell if you had actually read my ‘About Me’ I am not even from the states. There are many wonderful TR doctors , such as Dr. Cheung in Vancouver, (he did mine, and Ive had two children, total surgery cost, less than 4000.00)
      Tubal Reversal success is not guaranteed at all. It is a surgery that requires the skilled hands of a Reproductive Endocrinologist skilled in microsurgery.
      I would recommend to any woman interested in a Tubal Reversal, to check out the SheKnows message boards Tubal/Vasectomy Reversal section at http://talk.sheknows.com/f69/ . Wonderful supportive women and I found much information there as well as a great bunch of ladies. I dont trust doctors like Doctor Berger… just because they flood the net with self promoting advertisement (including people that spam blogs ) does NOT mean they are any better or any more capable than someone else. Why does he do so many reversals? Because he’s the best? No. Because any woman googling ‘tubal reversal doctor’ ends up at one of his hundreds of web spaces.

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