Well, this season has given way to many changes. We knew we were moving, but now we have a destination. Probably moving to Chilliwack. Why? Cheap. We cant afford to live out here for much longer. Mom can buy a house for us out there, and we will rent it from her. We will put a few hundred away every month for 5-8 years, then we will buy it from her. The kids arent super happy about it, But what can I do? We can keep bouncing around from place to place here. Renting. That is not what I envisioned for myself in my thirties. We will have stability. Mom cant buy a place out here, the average home here is about 150,000$ more than out in Chilliwack.
Not drinking. Not smoking. Not pregnant yet either, but we’re trying, I’m charting etc.
All in all, things are going great.
I just have to hope that this house doesnt sell for awhile. It would be nice if it could stay on the market for a while longer, til we are ready to move.
We went to the island a few weeks ago. Stayed in Nanaimo with Uncle Craig and Marilyn, then went to Comox and stayed with Aunt Chris and Uncle Bill.
Heres some pics of stuff from her yard.

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