Well, it’s May. Ive been going through the testing etc. Bloodwork, HSG, etc. But the final result is in. Surgery July 19th. YAY. So tis very possible that we might be able to have a 2007 baby 🙂
I’m on the wagon, not drinking, not smoking. Taking all my vitamins, omegas, minerals etc. Trying to eat organic. Healthy chick.
Trying to be healthy is a big thing because after all, I’ll be 34 this year. I’m not getting any younger. Going through surgery, with the aid of a general anesthetic, (i’ll be under for three hours) is nothing to sneeze at. I want to make sure I’m in optimum health before going under the knife. It will be my fourth abdominal surgery as an adult. But to me, it will all be worth it. I don’t know what it is this time, but I really want to be able to share this experience with D/H and the kidletts. I just feel like I am really ready to do this.

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