I wonder why it is that some babies really don’t seem to believe in the idea of naps.
I know where their energy comes from… their mamas! lol

Maybe its the inquisitive mind, not wanting to miss out on anything.

I am pretty sure that my little one is going to bypass crawling and go right to walking.
He doesn’t even bother trying to roll over from his tummy to back anymore. He just throws a fit.
He was successfully rolling, (because he HATES being on his tummy) and then one day, just decided that instead of rolling, he would just scream bloody murder, while burying his face into the floor and pushing his bottom up into the air, both arms sticking straight out at the side. this doesnt not make it easy to roll over. BUT, when he is sitting up , he reaches for things and pulls. I do think he will just go straight to standing.

He doesn’t feel very mobile on his tummy I guess.

funny little guy!

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