>1 gallon batch of mandarin/clove

>Nov 20th

about a half gallon of water heated and 2.5-3lbs honey.
1 mandarin orange , pinch of cloves,drop of vanilla extract (pure)
pinch of yeast energizer (had no prepared nutrient)
1packet of lalvin 1118 yeast, rehydrated and added to cooled must.
Shook it like crazy.
Tossed it into a 1 gallon glass jug and put a piece of cheesecloth over top to allow air for fermentation.
SG.. app 1.120 (I think)

By the second day I noticed an odd smell, not BAD necessarily, but the non citrusy aspect of the mandarin… an aftersmell of sorts.
Today, day 4, I decided to get it off the fruit and into a plastic one gallon milk jug.
The syphon hose wouldnt fit, so unfortunately I had to POUR it in, through a sieve…. a big no-no I know due to the air… hopefully because of the rapid fermentation at this point, all will be ok.
Today’s reading was 1.070, but this was not de-gassed first, so it could have possibly been even a tad lower.
Upon tasting, it actually tasted nice. Certainly did not taste as it smelled.


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